Attack On Titan - I Can Do It

(Hey hey hey guys! Coming in from anime jail guess whos back!. Well we got one more day left of Dub Previews so enjoy it now. As always this is Bertl Bear your SnK savior, just serving the fandom)

Damn Mikasa..Calm Down

Character - Actor
Mikasa - Trina Nishimura
Hugo - Tyson Rinehart
Ian - Scott Freeman
Milieus - Joel McDonald
Mina - Alexis Tipton
Mitabi - Kyle Hebert
Mobb - Matthew Ham

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Attack On Titan- Take It Like A Man

P.S Loving the voice actors here

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Updated With Cast List
Levi - Matthew Mercer
Petra - Caitlin Glass
Hange - Jessica Calvello
Daz - Brad Venable
Bertholdt - David Matranga
Franz - James Chandler
Rico - Morgan Garrett
Pyxis - R Bruce Elliott
Nack - Will Short-

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Attack On Titan Exclusive Dub Clip- Hit It From Every Angle

Watch me get in trouble for uploading this (watch it while it lasts, ill see you all when i get out of jail)

Oh mah gawshhhh

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Attack On Titan- 104th Cadet Corps Train In The Art Of Titan Killing Dub Preview

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Jean - Mike McFarland
Sasha - Ashly Burch
Conny - Clifford Chapin
Anka - Jamie Marchi
Hanna - Tia Ballard
Gustav - Keith Kubal
Christa - Bryn Apprill
Ymir - Elizabeth Maxwell

JUST CANT… *scream*

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This is my chance. I won’t let you escape!

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